The Implant Denture

Denture wears who have had fitting issues have long spoken of the problems and issues this causes for them, affecting their confidence, their ability to eat or even speak in comfort. With implant-retained dentures, this will be a thing of the past!

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Dental implants can be fit into patients, which eliminates the need for denture paste

By fitting a few dental implants, we may securely fix your dentures in place without the need for denture adhesive or paste. Different types of dentures are available depending on your requirements.

Stronger, and more durable

Implant-retained dentures are frequently more cost effective than tooth replacement, and are far more durable than regular dentures. Implants will also preserve bone and return lip support to normal. Your mouth will look more youthful and normal as a result!

The benefits of implant-retained dentures

  • An affordable and non-traumatizing approach to tooth replacement
  • Talk to others with confidence, and eat with gusto and without concern of your dentures slipping
  • Preserve your jar and support your facial structure
  • Minimization of the dentures moving around the wearer’s mouth
  • Peace of mind for those who wear dentures

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