Immediate Dental Implants

Now, you can have your new dental implants fitted with teeth restorations at the same time.

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While your implants are finishing healing and the bone is ossifying, you have replacement teeth that allow you all the benefits of the finalized implants.

Replace your dentures in 24 hours

Regular implants require a time period with gaps in the teeth where the implant was. You may also have to wear poorly fitting dentures. The fast implants ensure you won’t face this issue!

Quick and easy implants

  • Lets us put in teeth implants and the temporary teeth restorations during the same appointment
  • Typically requires 4-6 implants
  • After about 5 months, the final teeth are fitted
  • You are able to perform normal teeth functions in about 24 hours
  • You have a suitable teeth replacement, instead of having to deal with unsightly dentures or tooth gaps

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