Adult Examination from £40
Child Examination from £30
Dental Implant Consultation from £95
Cosmetic Consultation from £40
Orthodontic Assessment from £40
Endodontic Assessment from £40
Small X-Rays £8 each
OPG (full mouth) £75
CBCT Scan from £145
Sedation (Nervous Patients)
Sedation (per 30 mins) from £145
Dental Implants
Complete Implant Smile from £12500
Immediate Denture Implants for same day teeth from £12500
Single Implant Treatment from £2195
The Implant Retained Denture from £6000
Cosmetic Dentistry
Complete Smile Makeover based on assessment
Teeth Whitening from £350
Cosmetic Treatments (per filling) from £125
Cosmetic Treatments (per crown) from £450
Oral Surgery
Soft Tissue Procedure from £60
Simple Extractions from £75
Complex Extractions from £125
Surgical Removal of Lower Wisdom Tooth from £125
Facial Rejuvenation
Medigrade Facial from £30
Chemical Peels from £70
Face £175
Neck/Décolletage £175
Hair £100
Peel and Mesotherapy Combination £220
Dermal Fillers £250 per 1ml
One Area £175
Two Areas £220
Three Areas £250
EDS Microneedling
Full Face £250
Three Treatments £625
Endymed RF from £100
Dental Hygienist
Scale/Polish from £39
Tooth Stain Removal from £78
Bad Breath Treatments from £78
Anterior Alignment
Inman Aligner (per arch) £950£1200
Clear Aligners (single arch) £1800£2500
Clear Aligner (upper and lower arch) from £4000
Fixed Braces (single arch) £2250
Fixed Braces (upper and lower arch) £3500
Retention (per arch) £100