Last Updated on January 3, 2024
Adult Examination from £95
Dental Implant Consultation from £99
Cosmetic Consultation from £99
Orthodontic Assessment from £75
Endodontic Assessment from £99
Small X-Rays each £15
OPG (full mouth) £115
CBCT Scan from £175
Sedation (Nervous Patients)  
Sedation from £245
Dental Implants  
Dental Implant Assessment from £82.50
Complete Implant Smile from £14500
Immediate Denture Implants for same day teeth from £14500
Single Implant Treatment from £2395
The Implant Retained Denture from £6500
Cosmetic Dentistry  
Complete Smile Makeover based on assessment
Teeth Whitening from £389
Cosmetic Treatments (per filling) from £189
Cosmetic Treatments (per crown) from £650
Oral Surgery  
Soft Tissue Procedure from £200
Simple Extractions from £229
Complex Extractions from £275
Surgical Removal of Lower Wisdom Tooth from £445
Dental Hygienist  
20mins appt £52.50
40mins appt £105
Tooth Stain Removal from £105
Orthodontic Treatment  
Assessment £75
Consultation £150
OPG (X-ray) £115
Lingual Braces starting from £3999
Ceramic Braces starting from £3500
Metal Braces starting from £1950