Teeth Whitening

Our cosmetic clinicians use the following methods of teeth whitening:

  • Home teeth whitening
  • Combination teeth whitening
  • Internal tooth bleaching
  • Airlfow teeth stain removal
  • Cosmetic dental veneers

You must see your dentist prior to any whitening, to make sure that there is indeed a case for the whitening to be performed. Sometimes, it is not the appropriate solution. Consulting with one of our experienced clinicians will give you a valid opinion on your options, and will help the clinician pick the right type and concentration of whitening for your needs.


Our teeth whitening services are very safe, though we strongly advise against patients attempting tooth whitening by themselves, by acquiring products online or at salons.

The advantages of teeth whitening at our clinic:

  • Only performed if appropriate
  • Very safe
  • Teeth, gum, and lips are safe from damage
  • Will pick the most appropriate product and correct concentration
  • Consultation with your dentist prior to, and after, the treatment
  • Shades acquired before and after to ensure success
  • Photographs before and after for your own records

Pitfalls of teeth whitening carried out by anyone other than an experienced clinician or dentist:

  • Whitening may be unnecessary or inappropriate
  • May make smile worse
  • May damage teeth permanently
  • May burn lips and gums
  • Incorrect whitening type may be selected
  • No way of ensure the contents of the product(s) used
  • No support from a professional dentist


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