Dental Hygienist

Heaton Dental Clinic’s hygienists are experienced and valued members of our team!

Prevention is better than cure.

Therefore, our clinicians may advise preventative visits to maximize your teeth’s health and whiteness.

Why visit a hygienist at Heaton Dental Clinic?

  • Oral health advice. Suited to fit your needs. We provide extensive periodontal therapy, which features teeth scaling and cleaning of the plaque and tartar below the gums. This is especially important for those with periodontal disease.
  • Prevent Disease. We use UltraSonic scalers and instruments to treat and prevent gum disease. This ensures a more efficient and more affordable treatment option for you.
  • Prevent Bad Breath. Routing scaling by your hygienist will help to prevent bad breath. They can give diet advice as well, which will help with this.
  • Removal of Tooth Staining caused by drinking liquids such as coffee and tea.