Facial Rejuvenation

Small changes, big difference

Your face is one of the first things people notice about you. As we get older, our appearance changes as the various signs of ageing emerge. But there’s no need to accept this ageing as a part of life.

Noticeable, but natural

At RenewYou, our fully qualified practitioners can offer you the latest facial rejuvenation treatments to bring back a more youthful appearance. We will work with you to identify the best solution for your skin’s unique needs and our approach focuses on achieving noticeable but natural looking results.

What happens as our skin ages?

As you age your skin’s ability to repair itself diminishes. The amount of Hyaluronic Acid, a naturally occurring moisture retaining substance, in your skin decreases as you get older; you produce and replace elastin and collagen more slowly; skin cell renewal slows down and the blood supply to your skin becomes less efficient. This is accelerated by exposure to the sun and other external factors, such as smoking. As a result, your skin visibly changes, losing elasticity and firmness causing fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin becomes more sallow and dull and you may develop pigmentation and other blemishes.

What can you do about the visible signs of ageing?

You can do a lot to protect your skin and make it healthy, promote skin rejuvenation and prevent further visible signs of ageing.


Healthy natural looking skin starts with a skincare regime, tailored to your skin type. But don’t believe the claims made for over-the-counter high street creams. Put simply, our skin is a waterproof protective layer and the ingredients that are found in off the shelf creams are unable to penetrate it. These creams will temporarily moisturise the skin, but can’t give the deep hydration needed to give us back the elasticity of younger skin.

In contrast, medical grade skincare does make a difference. At RenewYou we use medically proven products from selected suppliers:

  • The Skinsynergy range of products from Aestheticare, which have been proven in extensive scientific and clinical studies to provide a powerful, natural skin-specific antioxidant, helping protect the skin and prevent UV and free radical damage. If you make just one change to your skincare regime it should be to always use a SPF cream and Aestheticare’s Heliocare is a great moisturiser and SPF combined.
  • The Juvilis range is a revolutionary new cosmeceutical brand with a patented technology that enhances absorption through skin follicles. The exclusive delivery system allows a deeper than ever absorption, meaning that hyaluronic acid can penetrate the skin without injection, overcoming the problem of the ineffectiveness of off-the-shelf creams.

Skin rejuvenation treatments

We believe that the best starting point for skin rejuvenation is healthy skin. That’s why our approach begins with skincare before moving on to specific treatments. In the same way, for many people, the best route to a more youthful appearance is to start with treatments that replenish and nourish the skin, so that if any other treatments are needed they are being done on healthiest possible skin.

With any facial treatment, there are always possible problems that can arise. Everyone’s skin is unique and may or may not be sensitive to an ingredient or product. Allergic reactions are not common, but can occur. These side effects are temporary but can be uncomfortable. For details on the possible side effects of each of the treatments we offer please see the FAQs in the relevant section.